Robbie Williams - Royal Albert Hall

Robbie Williams - He came, He saw, He swung

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EAN 0724349268593
Uitvoering Nederlandse DVD's
Genre Electro/Synthesizer
Productiejaar 2001
Release datum 3 dec. 2001
Speelduur 100
Leeftijdsindicatie Alle leeftijden
Aantal disks 1 Disc
  • Robbie Williams
Geluidsformaat Stereo
Taal Engels
Verpakking Amaray


Robbie Williams live at the Royal Albert Hall was recorded on 10th October 2001 and is mixed in 5.1 Surround sound.

Experience the triumphs, the tears, the traumas and the trousers when Robert Peter Williams blows into London Town for one night only. Rub shoulder pads with a star-studded audience as Mr. Succes and his 58 piece orchestra serenade you with the songs that make the young girls crazy. Rock with Robbie to the big band sound, shake a tail-feather to the finger-poppin', foot-stompin', thigh-pumellin' beat, 'cos tonight we're gonna party like it's 1959!

Unseen backstage and aftershow footage

With characteristic generosity, Robbie has not only included the show in it's entirety, but stacks of backstage footage before and after the concert. Fans and stars alike share their view on the Robbie phenomenon while the man himself announces, in no uncertain terms, his intention to tear the roof of the Royal Albert Hall.

Well swung

In addition to this perfectly propotioned package, there is also a documentary on the making of Swing When Your Winning, Filmed in Los Angeles this summer, plus many more intimate, unmissable moments with britain's very own King Of Swing.


Cool slick photos from the album sleeve shoot at Capital Studios, taken by hamish brown, and reportage photography by Chapman Baehler.


  • 1.Eternity (Orchestral Version) (Live) - Robbie Williams1:50
  • 2.The Well Swung Intro (Live) - Robbie Williams0:37
  • 3.Have You Met Miss Jones? (Live) - Robbie Williams2:26
  • 4.Mack The Knife (Live) - Robbie Williams3:13
  • 5.Straighten Up And Fly Right (Live) - Robbie Williams2:30
  • 6.Let's Face The Music And Dance (Live) - Robbie Williams2:34
  • 7.Well, Did You Evah! (Live) - Robbie Williams3:38
  • 8.Well, Did You Evah! (Reprise) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:06
  • 9.The Lady Is A Tramp (Live) - Robbie Williams2:56
  • 10.Things (Live) - Robbie Williams3:20
  • 11.One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Live) - Robbie Williams4:52
  • 12.Mr. Bojangles (Live) - Robbie Williams3:13
  • 13.I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen (Live) - Robbie Williams3:09
  • 14.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Live) - Robbie Williams2:53
  • 15.Beyond The Sea (Live) - Robbie Williams4:26
  • 16.Me And My Shadow (Live) - Robbie Williams2:29
  • 17.Me And My Shadow (Reprise) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:33
  • 18.Let Me Entertain You (Orchestral Version) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:26
  • 19.Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Live) - Robbie Williams2:25
  • 20.It Was A Very Good Year (Live) - Robbie Williams4:32
  • 21.My Way (Live) - Robbie Williams4:35
  • 22.My Way (Reprise) (Live) - Robbie Williams1:32
  • 23.Have You Met Miss Jones? (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:52
  • 24.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:02
  • 25.Have You Met Miss Jones? (Snippet 2) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:01
  • 26.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 2) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:17
  • 27.My Way (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:08
  • 28.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 3) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:05
  • 29.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 4) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:23
  • 30.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 5) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:07
  • 31.The World's Most Handsome Man (Snippet 6) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:33
  • 32.Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:02
  • 33.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:17
  • 34.Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Snippet 2) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:06
  • 35.It Was A Very Good Year (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:07
  • 36.Mr. Bojangles (Snippet 1) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:38
  • 37.That's Life (Snippet 1) - Robbie Williams0:28
  • 38.My Way (Snippet 2) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:45
  • 39.My Way (Snippet 3) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:27
  • 40.Things (Snippet) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:02
  • 41.Something Stupid (Snippet 1) - Robbie Williams1:48
  • 42.Have You Met Miss Jones? (Snippet 3) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:02
  • 43.Something Stupid (Snippet 2) - Robbie Williams0:49
  • 44.Please Don't Have Kids (Snippet) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:08
  • 45.Mr. Bojangles (Snippet 2) (Live) - Robbie Williams1:08
  • 46.Mack The Knife (Snippet) (Live) - Robbie Williams0:40
  • 47.Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Snippet 3) - Robbie Williams1:25
  • 48.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Snippet 2) - Robbie Williams1:19
  • 49.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Snippet 3) - Robbie Williams0:11
  • 50.One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Snippet) - Robbie Williams2:03
  • 51.Mr. Bojangles (Snippet 3) - Robbie Williams0:33
  • 52.Mr. Bojangles (Snippet 4) - Robbie Williams0:51
  • 53.Something Stupid (Snippet 3) - Robbie Williams0:35
  • 54.They Can't Take That Away From Me (Snippet) - Robbie Williams0:38
  • 55.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Snippet 4) - Robbie Williams0:44

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